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BT Group create Strategy and Change unit with a seat on the ExeCo!

BT Group create Strategy and Change unit with a seat on the ExeCo headed on an interim bases by a McKinsey & Company Partner.... 

This move underscores the crucial relationship between strategy and change, essential for achieving not just meaningful, but sustainable transformation. 

I have long argued that relationship between strategy and change is vital when you are you trying to achieving not just meaningful transformation but sustainable transformation. A well-defined strategy alone is not enough; effective execution through robust change management processes is equally vital. By combining hashtag#Strategy & hashtag#ChangeBT Group emphasises the importance of clear communication, stakeholder engagement, and organisational agility in navigating successful, complex transformations - a challenge many organisations struggle to address.

Here's why aligning Strategy and Change Management is such a powerful move:

1️⃣ Integration of Vision and Execution: This alignment ensures strategic objectives are actionable and effectively executed across the group.

2️⃣ Minimising Resistance to Change: Consistent messaging fosters employee buy-in and engagement at all levels, mitigating resistance effectively.

3️⃣ Optimising Resource Allocation: Better alignment ensures investments support strategic goals and defined outcomes.

4️⃣ Enhancing Organisational Agility: Integration drives prompt responses to market dynamics, customer needs, and emerging opportunities.

5️⃣ Sustaining Transformational Efforts: Ongoing change management efforts reinforce new behaviours and align actions with strategic goals, ensuring sustainability.

BT Group's move goes beyond rhetoric; it operationalises the interdependency between strategy and change management. As someone who has held a global leadership position as Chief Transformation Officer, I understand the challenges of bridging the gap between strategy and execution. This alignment addresses this challenge, reducing waste and maximises the impact of change initiatives.

BT installs McKinsey partner to head new strategy unit • 3 min read

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