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🚀 Announcing our strategic Joint Venture with Skillsearch 🚀

We are excited to unveil a transformative collaboration between RCK and Skillsearch, uniting to revolutionise professional services and recruitment landscapes across a range of transformation services.

🌟 RCK's Edge: Our approach goes beyond traditional transformation consulting. By integrating seasoned advisory experts and former C-suite executives into our team, we are poised to deliver solutions and transformative business outcomes. Our value-based pricing aligns directly with the results achieved, ensuring that our goals perfectly match yours—every step of the way.

🌐 Skillsearch's Legacy: Since 1990, Skillsearch has excelled in connecting top talent with leading companies in the Games, Interactive, and Enterprise Systems industries worldwide. Their mission focuses on creating lasting relationships built on integrity and trust, resulting in a recruitment experience that creates delighted customers and sustained relationships.

🤝 Our Combined Strength: This partnership extends beyond the typical recruitment-based statement of work that is prevalent today. We are dedicated to driving your business and technology transformation agendas, leveraging deep industry insights and a risk-sharing partnership model. Together, we are equipped to address complex challenges with innovative solutions that are sustainable and scalable.

💡 Why This Matters: RCK brings a strategic, outcome-driven methodology to each project, providing expert guidance and measurable business impact.

Skillsearch contributes a robust global network and a history of over 10,000 successful candidate placements, enriched by a strong commitment to community and environmental sustainability.

🔗 Join Our Transformative Journey: Discover how this joint venture can elevate your business through strategic alignment and innovative solutions tailored to your needs. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates on our initiatives and insights into how this partnership can uniquely benefit you.

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