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Our Services

We help our clients put business transformation and value creation at the heart of their business strategy.


We are outcome-based advisors who partner with our clients to define, structure, and execute their transformation initiatives. We take a tailored approach, listening and understanding your needs before working with you to deliver value-added services that enable your transformation capability.


We are vested in your outcomes, we link a percentage of our fee to clearly defined performance objectives or milestones, so we are aligned with your success.

Business Transformation

We help clients transform their businesses by identifying and implementing the right changes to their operations, processes, and technology.

Value Creation

We help clients create value by identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities, improving their efficiency, and reducing their costs.


 We provide strategic advice and guidance to clients on a wide range of business issues, including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and restructuring.

We are driven by a unifying mission of the transformation of businesses through value creation, which forms the basic fabric of success in the competitive landscape prevalent today. We have confidence in nurturing the aspirations and the objectives of our clients through tailor-made, result-centric strategic services.
Key Services:

  • Fractional CxO Leadership: Virtual or Fractional CxOs provide quality leadership and expert knowledge as needed. This cost-effective approach allows firms to afford experienced executive guidance without the full-time cost. They handle specific challenges across key roles such as CEO, COO, CTO, and others, offering flexibility and high-level insights for significant organisational changes.


  • Digital & IT Transformation: We transform our clients' businesses by effectively assessing their existing IT infrastructure, identifying gaps, and designing a tailor-made technology roadmap in alignment with their strategic goals. Our ERP Program Assurance supports client-side teams to ensure seamless technology integration.


  • Business Process Improvement: Using process automation, lean methods, and Six Sigma, we identify and implement key improvements in business processes. Our robust ERP integrations streamline processes and optimise data flows, enhancing operational effectiveness and scalability.


  • Change Management: We delve deep into the organisational change and communication processes and techniques that need to be effectively practiced in the context of your change point. Our comprehensive training and support help minimise disruptions during transitions to new practices and technologies, ensuring sustainable changes that align with long-term strategic goals.


  • Private Equity Services - Due Diligence and Value Creation: Our holistic private equity services empower clients throughout their investment journey. From meticulous due diligence to strategic value creation, we collaborate closely with clients to drive significant improvements and ensure strategic continuity from initial assessment to long-term value generation.


  • Restructuring & Cost Transformation: We drive sustainable cost reductions while preserving core capabilities, using a comprehensive toolkit and deep functional expertise. Our approach not only establishes optimal cost structures but also incorporates business restructuring to strategically position clients for future growth and resilience.


  • Transformation Assurance & Red-Flag Analysis: Our transformation program assurance identifies potential risks and obstacles early on, providing strategic insights for effective mitigation. This robust strategy ensures that every step is integrated with the overall strategic goals, enhancing our clients' ability to navigate complex changes and achieve successful outcomes.



"It was a pleasure to work with the RCK Managing Partner. Besides being a brilliant negotiator, he is highly skilled in financial analysis and emotional intelligence. He has had a sincere relationship with our team and has a way of always making things easy!"

Valorisation & Strategic Business Manager - IRTA (Institute for Food and Agricultural Research)

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