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Post-M&A Technology Integration

Background and Challenge: Following a three billion M&A transaction that merged two leaders in Industrial Software, the challenge was in the creation of a new structure that integrated two legacy IT functions into a new CIO-led function that could execute on BAU, TSA and Transformation while supporting an ambitious growth plan and a move to SaaS-based revenues. During the planning phase for the Transitional Services Agreement (TSA) for Technology Integration, implementing a new ERP solution for Finance issues was identified in the new function's TSA construction and operational capability.

Approach and Recommendations: After reviewing the TSA gaps, funding issues were identified that required elements of the TSA to be renegotiated, resulting in additional funding of $18m to be agreed upon. This then allowed for a complete re-plan across all 55 work streams that, when presented to the Board, was approved for execution.

Results: Secured a 6-month extension to the TSA deadline and a further $18m of additional funding and implemented core transformation projects that included Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, Salesforce CRM, CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote) and Service Cloud. Developed and implemented a new operating model focused on the technology and process blueprint, culture roadmap and overall strategy across five core themes. This addressed legacy cyber issues; initiated a cyber-remediation programme with blind penetration testing to enhance cybersecurity robustness, improving RiskRecon and BitSight cybersecurity ratings from 6.4 (limit) to 8.0 (proceed).

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